• We are here to support healthy aging in place.
  • We believe that our programs enhance our quality of life by building your strength, flexibility, while minimizing your fall risk.
  • We provide teaching and consult to your family regarding your rehabilitation goals.



  • We provide services to clients with neurological, orthopedic, amputations, or medical conditions that require physiotherapy and rehabilitative services.
  • We can help you with your post-hospital exercise program so that you will reach your functional goals and to regain your life activities again.
  • We custom design a rehab program for you based on our physiotherapist’s assessment.
  • If you are having difficulty managing your Activities of Daily Living due to a recent illness or injury, we can provide an exercise program based on your identified needs and goals and work with you step by step as you progress through your program.
  • All our programs are one-to-one sessions with rest and water breaks as needed. The average session is 30-45 minutes.



  • We will consult with you regarding exercise equipment that you can purchase for an ongoing home program that you can do yourself.
  • We support other community-based exercise programs. When you are ready, we will help you transition your individual exercise program to a community-based program.



  • You will find our rates competitive and within recommended guidelines.
  • We are fully WorkSafeBC insured.



  • If you qualify, our services are partially covered by the BC Medical Services Plan.
  • Other third party insurance may offer physiotherapy coverage according to the benefit plan.
  • We direct bill to Veterans’ Affairs Canada, Mediavie Blue Cross, WorkSafe BC, and MSP.
  • We also take VISA and MASTERCARD.
  • You will receive a statement, on request, for claim or tax purposes.

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