About Us

Advantage Rehabilitation Management is a local company providing warm caring in-home rehabilitative care personalised towards elder’s functional goals. We are fully WorkSafeBC insured.

Best practice is embraced in all that we do at Advantage Rehab whether it is a new assessment, progress report, monthly goal setting, or continuing education. We believe that knowledge combined with clarity and integrity makes a positive difference in the lives of others.

Meaningful communication with clients, family, client representatives, other caregivers and team members are also a major component of our successful model of care at Advantage Rehabilitation Management. We are a ‘high touch’ organization. We believe Advantage Rehab is the practical and functional first choice for quality Senior’s Health and ElderCare rehabilitation in the Chilliwack-Agassiz-Hope area.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have. We look forward to working with you!


It’s our mission to improve the quality of life and independence of our clients. We strive to achieve meaningful communication with clients, family, client representatives and other caregivers that will allow us to meet needs and gain optimum results as a team.

We promised to take care… and delivered


  • Laura Cunningham was the rehab assistant who worked with my Mom for several years. She developed a close and professional relationship with Mom and despite the progressing dementia, Laura was able to keep Mom focussed on doing her exercises. Laura was one of the “sparkles” in my Mom’s day. My family is forever grateful to her for her commitment, expertise and kindness.
    Kathy Miki
  • Prior to falling and fracturing her ankle, my elderly mother was managing at home with the help of care aids visiting twice a week to assist with bathing and dressing. Her progress in hospital was slow and Mother seemed to regress and lost interest in doing things for herself. I felt she would do better in the comfort of her home. With the help of a regular one¬to¬one exercise program delivered by Advantage Rehab Services, Mother regained her strength and ability to transfer and eventually walk independently once again. Her Rehab Aide was so encouraging and positive and a wonderful support. We feel really blessed.
    Charlotte S.
  • Mary and her staff at Advantage Rehabilitation Management demonstrate a level of warmth, compassion and kindness in their work that surpasses most companies in the field of elder care. Their attention to detail, their concern for their clients’ quality of life and attention to others in their clients’ lives is clearly evident in the interactions I have had with them. I would recommend this company to any family – including mine – if I was searching for elder care in my community.
    E A Hamm Owner of KLAR Coaching and Consulting